The Taste Trackers food truck originated in 2017 as a unique creation of two food loving travellers.
When planning our travels, we usually take a detour rather than a highway. We believe that curiosity and challenging yourself opens the door to a tastier life. On our journeys we seek out the local diners, street food areas and restaurants - often ending up at market halls or food markets as well.

Through the Taste Trackers food truck, we share the culinary experiences that we have encountered around the world with our customers. For us, it is not only the taste, but the visual presentation of food that is important.

Our meals are tailored to every event, and we prepare them with our ideology for fresh ingredients and exceptional flavours. Come try our “delicious detour”!



Experinced media professional, stylist, visioner and a kitchen wizzard.


Technical mastermind, business traveller and passionate photographer.

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